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Samsung Unveils the Galaxy S5

By Aaron Benzick | OnMonday, February 24th, 2014 - No Comments »
Samsung Galaxy S5

The fifth generation Galaxy S was unveiled today at Samsung’s Unpacked 2014 event. The Galaxy S5 features a 16 mega-pixel camera, fingerprint scanner  and a heart rate sensor.   Unlike the iPhone 5S which allows you to hold your finger on the home button to unlock, the G5 will require you to swipe your finger across the bottom to be read. Samsung is taking your fingerprint a step further however and allowing it to be used to authenticate with other services such as Paypal. The heart. 

Fitbit Force Recall Over Skin Allergies

By Aaron Benzick | OnMonday, February 24th, 2014 - No Comments »
Fitbit Force

A voluntary recall of the Fitbit Force has been issued and sales of the wearable health tracker have been halted until a new hypo-allergenic version can be release. Fitbit has received numerous reports of rashes forming on the skin under the Fitbit Force. According to Fitbit CEO James Park this issue only affects 1.7% of Force users but the company is taking the matter seriously. We wanted to provide an update on our investigation into reports we have received about Force users experiencing skin. 

Tesla Superchargers Provide Free Road Trips

By Aaron Benzick | OnMonday, February 24th, 2014 - No Comments »
A Tesla Model S charging up at the super charger in Waco, Tx

Tesla’s all electric vehicle, the Tesla Model S, is fighting back the range anxiety of not being able to make cross-country trips by deploying super chargers across the nation. They are always free to Tesla customers and provided half of a battery charge in 20 minutes. I recently had the opportunity to drive from Dallas to Austin, Tx and made a stop at the Waco Super Charger. We will be posting more details soon in our full Model S review. Tesla Super Charging  

Rumors Of Our Death Exaggerated

By Aaron Benzick | OnThursday, February 20th, 2014 - No Comments »
3d Retreat Cube

The rumors of our death were greatly exaggerated! While we have had some down time, we are back online with a fresh new look and ready to bring you the latest and greatest news and reviews in the technology industry. 3d Retreat has been around since 1998 and we look forward to reacquainting with the community.