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Wearables Line Expands With Samsung Gear Fit

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Not content with just having a “smart watch”, Samsung has announced the Samsung Gear Fit which is the industry’s first curved AMOLED display wearable device for  tracking your physical activity.

Samsung Gear Fitgearfitgrey_515x293gearfit_515x293_2

The Nike FuelBand started the trend of having a smart device track your activity in a small profile wrist band and Fitbit was quick to follow with the Fitbit Force. Instead of having a large display screen, they feature a limited display and work on blending in well with your attire and not having a large square device on your wrist.

Samsung is including the standard fare of features in a wrist band device with a pedometer and sleep monitor using an accelerometer and gyro but it takes those a step further with the introduction of a heart rate monitor. In addition, it will include notifications from your phone (Samsung Galaxy only) with incoming calls, emails, SMS, alarms and 3rd party apps.

Interchangeable wrist bands allow you to customize the look of the Fit. This style of wearable device is the key to having a mass marketed product. Your average consumer is not going to wear a massive screen on their wrist with a camera and speakers. A compact smart watch with a beautiful screen and built in notifications is the proper formula.

The price is yet to be reveiled and the Gear Fit is set to be released internationally in April 2014.

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